Wednesday, August 26, 2015

10 reasons doing your PhD is just like going to Hogwarts

Sometimes Grad School feels like a mythical world, hidden away just inside the real world.

Here's some good reasons why it is, in fact, just like going to Hogwarts.

1) Attending Hogwarts takes 7 years, so does the average PhD - well 2 for the masters and 5 for the PhD.

2) Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a cool old castle, well so are most university campuses.

3) Studies at Hogwarts are evaluated by two major exams, OWLs and NEWTs, your PhD revolves around QUALs  (or candidacy) and your Defense, which is sure to be 'Nastily Exhausting'.

4) While you're in school, you wear the boring wizard robes...

5) But when you're a professor, you get the exciting ones.

6) We take basically all the same classes.

7) Explaining your thesis to people is just like talking to Muggles.

8) When you graduate, it seems like there are really only 3 obvious job paths (Aurora/Ministry for Magic/Teach at Hogwarts = Academia/Industry/Teach on Contract) or you could be like Luna, and give Science writing a try?

9) So it's understandable, that sometimes, dropping out and starting your own business in something completely different sounds like a great idea.

10) So maybe you'll never be a Dentist like your parents, but at the end of the day you get to be something way cooler...

A wizard!..... I mean Scientist!


  1. A friend offered to buy some scrubs for me as part of his donation to my medical trip, and he wanted to get them from here. Really pleased with the fit of mens scrubs. Also, way more pockets then I expected, so yay!


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